2013 Winners

We had two GOLD Greater Triangle Stewardship Award winners in 2013:

DENR’s Green Square Complex

The Green Square Complex is LEED Platinum certified. The complex incorporates many innovative features designed to protect natural resources and conserve energy.

Rain garden at Green Square Complex

Rain garden at Green Square Complex

The complex has a green roof, which utilizes soil and plant material to reduce the impervious surface of the structure; the landscaping was completed with native plant materials to reduce water consumption; the rain gardens on the grounds capture and treat runoff from stormwater; and recycled and re-purposed building materials were used during construction when possible.


Walnut Creek Wetland Center (City of Raleigh)

The Walnut Creek Wetland Center is located on Walnut Creek, a massive wetland in Raleigh and Wake County that flows into the Neuse River.

The Center integrates the natural beauty of wetlands into the design of the facility.

Walnut Creek Wetland Center

Walnut Creek Wetland Center

The educational materials at the center provide hands on learning about wetlands, stormwater and resource protection. The design of the facility incorporates water quality protection and energy conservation, including rain gardens and electric vehicle charging stations.


NCSU University Club received an honorable mention for exemplary water conservation and erosion mediation.

The North Carolina State University Club recently expanded their facilities.  Prior to

NCSU University Club stormwater retention basin

NCSU University Club Stormwater Retention

construction, the grounds suffered from some erosion issues.  The developer integrated a stormwater device to not only fix the erosion problem, but to also decrease runoff during storm events.  Additionally, a new swimming pool utilizes recycled water from the pool with a saline chlorination system, thereby improving water quality in the House Creek watershed.