Levels of Distinction

2011_winner_Wake_Forest_2The Greater Triangle Stewardship Development Awards (GTSDA) recognizes and honors residential, commercial and public land developments in the Greater Triangle region of North Carolina that demonstrate outstanding environmental stewardship through protection, conservation, improvement, and appreciation of our natural resources.

There are four categories of recognition that may be bestowed upon an applicant.

Gold Award

This is the highest level of distinction available in the GTSDA Program. This honor is only bestowed on substantially complete land development projects that have achieved high marks in all applicable criteria as determined by the selection panel. The project or the applicable project phase must be substantially complete and demonstrate accomplishment of project goals to receive Gold Stewardship Development status.

Silver Award

This is the second-highest level of award for a substantially complete land development project or applicable phase that may not achieve the standard of the Gold Stewardship Development Award.

Honorable Mention

This may be awarded if a substantially complete land development project or applicable phase does not qualify for a Gold or Silver Stewardship Award but does have elements that merit recognition.

Design Recognition

This may be awarded for a project that has not yet been substantially completed but that shows exemplary promise for implementing the principles of the GTSDA Program. Projects receiving Development Design Recognition may reapply in subsequent years for GTSDA Program recognitions for which only complete projects are eligible. The site plan must have received all state and federal permits (associated with design phase) as well as local government approval.

Concept Recognition

Winning projects will receive a certificate acknowledging the element(s) of the project that merited recognition. This recognition confers no rights to use the trademarked GTSDA logos in any way. Any reference to receipt of the Concept Recognition must be clearly limited to the specific Concept design submitted and evaluated by the Judging Panel (e.g., “Project X Concept Plan received a Greater Triangle Stewardship Development Awards Program Concept Recognition”). The GTSDA Program may provide further specifications on how the Concept Recognition may be publicized to help differentiate the plan recognized from other plans that may be developed for the same site.


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Click here for application information, to download the application, and to learn about criteria guidelines for any of these levels of recognition.

Applications shall be accepted at any time up to the deadline of the year for which the project is being considered. For this year’s application schedule, please visit the application page. Any applications submitted after the deadline will be considered for the following year’s GTSDA Program cycle.  In order for applications to be complete, they must contain all information listed on the application checklist and must include a project narrative that demonstrates how the project meets the evaluation criteria.

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