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earth_handsThe Greater Triangle Stewardship Development Awards program began as partnership of regional agencies, local governments, and industry associations that formed to recognize developers that go beyond compliance in their efforts to protect water quality, preserve natural habitats and open space, use green building techniques, enhance the fabric of the community, and educate the public about their efforts.  In 2014, the Greater Triangle Stewardship Development Association (GTSDA) became a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  The awards recognition program remains the primary focus of the GTSDA.


Board of Directors


Tom Hill (Chair)
Community Conservation Assistance Program Coordinator
NC Division of Soil & Water Conservation
Jason Doll (Vice Chair)
Senior Scientist/Project Manager
Moffatt & Nichol
Christy Perrin (Treasurer)
Sustainable Waters and Communities Coordinator
Water Resources Research Institute of the UNC System
Fred Royal
Town Engineer
Town of Pittsboro
Rebecca Sadosky
NC Drinking Water Protection Program Coordinator
NC Source Water Protection Program
Sarah King
NC Coastal Federation
Gloria Putnam
Coastal Resources and Communities Specialist
NC Sea Grant


Review Judges

A slate of independent review judges are invited to serve by the Board of Directors each year.  The Judging Panel is comprised of professionals in the fields of engineering, natural resources sciences, planning, architecture, landscaping, and others as deemed necessary by the Board, based on the applications under consideration.  The GTSDA Board of Directors make the final determination of recipients of the awards in cases when the Judges’ Panel does not reach consensus on applications.

Thank you to current and past judges; your thoughtful contributions of time and expertise are invaluable assets of the GTSDA.

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The Judging Process

The Judging Panel will evaluate how well applicants meet the specific criteria established in several principle areas as established by the Technical Committee based on all the information submitted in the application as well as site visits and applicant presentations.  Each application will be judged on the overall creativity, design, and mitigation of environmental impacts of the land development project.   Primary emphasis will be placed on the specific criteria applicable to each specific project.

A standard evaluation form will be used to rate the degree to which a project meets relevant criteria.  If a project has been reviewed in the past and did not receive recognition or received a Development Design Recognition award, the Judging Panel will also review the evaluation notes from the prior judges and any substantial changes to the project since it was last reviewed.  The Judging Panel will make recommendations to the Governing Council on which projects should which type of recognition under the GTSDA Program.

After site visits have been conducted and judges have submitted their project evaluations, the Board of Directors will meet to go over the judges’ recommendations and make final recognition determinations if needed.

After determinations are made, the Board will notify applicants of their final decisions on recipients of recognitions at least four weeks prior to the Awards Banquet and/or prior to the RSVP deadline.  The letter will include all of the recommendations submitted from the Judging Panel.  Click here for additional information on the judging process.

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The Application

For this year’s application schedule, please visit the application page. Any applications submitted after the deadline will be considered for the following year’s GTSDA Program cycle.  In order for applications to be complete, they must contain all information listed on the application checklist, including a project narrative that describes how the project meets our evaluation criteria.

Please contact us if you have questions or would like to get involved!

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